Drive Product Discoverability & Digital Transparency

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Solution For Product Data Distribution & Transparency

Turning Global Food Supply Chain Transparency into Shopper Insights

A recent report, “The Transparency Imperative” from Label Insight and Food Marketing Institute states 75 percent of online shoppers are more likely to switch to a brand that provides more in-depth product content beyond what’s provided on the physical label.

Rich, Robust Product Content Drives Conversion

Label Insight, the market leader for transparency, and 1WorldSync, the leading provider of product content solutions, recognize that product content transparency is critical in the path to purchase from discovery to delight.

Label Insight and 1WorldSync have partnered to create the industry’s most comprehensive solution for product data distribution and transparency: LabelSync

LabelSync pairs Label Insight’s high-order attribute data with 1WorldSync’s unmatched global product content distribution capabilities, enabling brands and retailers to provide consumers with an unprecedented level of rich, high-quality product content.

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Introduction to the LabelSync Solution

Quickly & Easily Meet SmartLabel-Mandated Requirements
LabelSync enables brands to quickly and easily create and organize data to meet SmartLabel-mandated requirements.

Onboard Products From a Variety of Sources
LabelSync enables manufacturers to source SmartLabel content from a variety of sources, including package flat data and master data through GDSN.

Develop & Deploy Custom Attributes
Delivers high order attributes that enable retailers to develop custom definitions of key consumer decision factors, and deploy them across assortment at scale.

Access to Hundreds of Attributes
Unlocks 100+ attributes that maximize SmartLabel as a brand canvas for product transparency in the palm of shoppers’ hands.


Why Use LabelSync?


Parsed Ingredient Lists
Create intuitive and navigable access to ingredient information.

Ingredient Definitions
Explain what and why simply to the consumer with plain language ingredient definitions.

Claims, Certifications and Disclosures
Easily capture and state all of the important attributes consumers really care about.

Off-Pack Attributes
Unlock the power of SmartLabel as a brand canvas to include product features and benefits that physical packaging can’t accommodate.

Cross-Device Functionality
Ensure that your SmartLabel page displays correctly no matter what device the consumer chooses.

SmartLabel is the industry standard for increasing transparency with consumers. With LabelSync, brands can quickly and easily meet all SmartLabel-mandated requirements. In our analysis, LabelSync provides twice as much product data across eight major categories than pages created by other methods. Additionally, LabelSync can provide non-mandatory classes of information, such as sustainability, health and safety and product instructions. No other solution on the market can deliver the breadth and depth of information that LabelSync does.

~Steve Sivitter, CEO, 1WorldSync

LabelSync is simply the best way for brands to expand their transparency story and move the needle on digital transformation in their business. LabelSync unlocks more than 100 attributes for each product, maximizing SmartLabel as a brand canvas for product transparency in the palm of every shopper’s hand. This allows brands to address product features and benefits that matter to consumers, but that physical packaging can’t accommodate. Brands can also leverage SmartLabel data for other transparency initiatives, addressing consistency and completeness gaps with LabelSync’s data generation capabilities.

~Ronak Sheth, CEO, Label Insight