Enable Your Sales Team and Drive Conversion with Digital Catalogs

The 1WorldSync Digital Catalog provides businesses with the ability to mobilize and digitize product content to enable the easy creation of printable HTML PDF documents and other digital sales aids.

Companies that equip their sales teams with up-to-date product content help drive sales. Leverage the 1WorldSync Digital Catalogs to showcase your entire product portfolio to potential buyers.

How to Leverage 1WorldSync Digital Catalog in your Company

Take your entire product portfolio catalog with you on all of your sales calls

Stop carrying boxes of potentially out of date literature to sales meetings! Instantly access accurate and up-to-date product content via a laptop, tablet or other mobile device and seamlessly share a spec sheet for your buyers as a leave-behind.

Create a custom and branded experience for your buyers

Give each customer an impactful experience when showcasing your product portfolio with customizable list of product attributes, template designs, brand colors and imagery.

Organize and group similar products into a catalog

Group products into unique classifications (e.g. by product-category, region, industry, etc.) to cater views to a specific buyer or audience.

Case Study

Challenge Dairy, the top dairy foodservice producer and provider in California, needed a dynamic and real-time way to capture and present their product content equipping sales with the ability to showcase their products with the most up-to-date product information including descriptions, ingredients and images. They implemented 1WorldSync’s Digital Catalog solution to go digital, sell everywhere and deliver content efficiently.

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