1WorldSync: Trustworthy Content Anytime, Everywhere with the GDSN

Eighty-eight percent of consumers say product content is extremely important to their purchasing decision, according to Forbes. As a result, trading partners are demanding that vendors provide accurate and complete content to enhance the shopping experience, build customer trust and increase sales.

1WorldSync understands that no matter where you conduct business, trusted content matters.

Get the Most Out of the GDSN with 1WorldSync

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) enables trading partners to globally share trusted product content. The network connects suppliers with retailers, operators, providers, distributors and other product content recipients to the GS1 Global Registry® via selected data pools.

The 1WorldSync GS1 GDSN-certified data pool is the industry-leading solution for implementing data synchronization and supporting user needs over time. Companies can now get products on the shelf faster, reduce logistics costs and enhance customer relationships.

As early innovators within pioneers of the GDSN, we have paved the way for the successful synchronization of standardized product information in markets all over the world. Now, consumers are empowered to make data-driven decisions on their path to purchase thanks to trusted, globally distributed product content.

1WorldSync and GDSN

Responsible for 80 percent of data activity on the network, 1WorldSync has the largest number of items in the GDSN. Enabled by the 1WorldSync Product Information Cloud, GDSN supports more than 25,000 brands and retailers in over 60 countries.

1WorldSync is the only GDSN Data Pool for product information services with ISO certification and the applied standards. We offer global scalability, multi-lingual product and customer support services, and serve four industries: Healthcare, Foodservice, Hardlines and CPG.

Partner with 1WorldSync, the Leading GDSN Provider

Are you leveraging GDSN for product content aggregation, validation and distribution to your trading partners?


Benefits for Content Recipients

  • Reduce Inefficiencies – Reduce the time spent managing supplier item setup, and easily share supply chain data
  • Improve Data Quality – Decrease manual data entry and improve data accuracy received from suppliers. GDSN validations ensure data requirements are always met
  • Optimize Conversion Rates – Easily share product content with consumers, improve conversions and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Increase Speed to Market – Achieve effortless item setup and shorten the time it takes to onboard new suppliers.
  • Cut Costs – Reduce the costs of managing product content from trading partners with minimal effort.
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