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Supplier Share Group

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The Supplier Share Group provides a cross industry environment where content sources can collaborate on addressing opportunities & identify potential areas of product advancement.

The Supplier Share group is open to any and all 1WorldSync customers who manufacturer or distribute products to retailers, e-tailers, foodservice operators, healthcare operators or marketplaces.  The conversations during the calls are typically US focused and delve into the Execution of Standards, Conformity to Regulations Action to meet Legislation, and the Changing world of Consumer Transparency.

In 2018 the group will continue their efforts to identify areas of education needs, training opportunities, driving efficiencies, understanding the impact of industry trends and provide a collaboration space for organizations around product content aggregation strategies.  As the year progresses, we will identify calls targeted at organizations that leverage specific solutions from 1WorldSync.  These range from the IM user interface, FUSE, Machine-to-Machine and Omni-offerings.

Four calls per year will feature a joint conversation with the Recipient Share Group to best identify where joint priorities lie and drive efficiencies in product content distribution, aggregation and consumption.

Supplier Share Group