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Recipient Share Group

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The Recipient Share Group provides a cross industry environment where recipients can collaborate on addressing challenges & identify potential areas of product advancement.

The Recipient Share Group is open to all 1WorldSync customers who receive content through 1WorldSync platforms.  This includes Retailers, E-tailers, Foodservice Operators, Healthcare Operators, Distributors, MarketPlaces and governmental entities.  The conversations on the call are typically US centric with a focus of leveraging the standards to better empower the manufacturers & Brand owners, identify where product content need commonality exists to help drive efficiencies, explore how to best prioritize content needs to maximize Product Content visibility to end consumers and determine what additional information will be needed to support future endeavors.

In 2018, the group will continue their efforts to better align on a common set of information to help prioritize content for web ready commerce.  They will also strive to provide clear clarity and direction around what content is needed and how manufacturers can priorities their efforts for maximum exposure.

Four calls per year will feature a joint conversation with the Supplier Share Group to best identify where joint priorities lie and drive efficiencies in product content distribution, aggregation and consumption.

Recipient Share Group