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Foodservice Industry Group

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The Foodservice industry group provides a collaborative environment for operators, manufacturers & distributors to discuss industry impacting efforts [GDSN Adoption/Execution] and insights into initiatives/events impacting the Foodservice Industry overall [FSMA, FDA].


IPC Subway

Nicole Satterfield – IPC, SUBWAY®’s

Nicole Satterfield has an IT background and a Computer Science Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. She is the GS1 Project Manager at IPC, SUBWAY®’s purchasing cooperative. She is currently working with IPC’s trading partners to adopt GS1 standards throughout SUBWAY®’s supply chain. Nicole is also the Program Manager for the SUBWAY® app, SubVentory. She is Six Sigma Black Belt trained and her Black Belt project involved standardizing internal and external processes behind the communication of GTINs through SUBWAY®’s ecosystem. She is a member of the GS1 Foodservice, Traceability and GLN workgroups.

Schwan Food Company

Michele Larson – Schwan’s Food Service, Inc.
Senior Manager, Logistics Planning & Development

  • Based in Marshall, MN (southwestern part of the state)
  • With Schwan’s Food Service, Inc. since 2007
  • Involved with the GS1 Foodservice Industry since 2009

1WorldSync Strategy Partner:

  • Theresa Bearb and Keitt Moore

Key Focus Areas:

  • GDSN Adoption & Implementation within the Foodservice industry.
  • Provide insights into initiatives/events impacting the Foodservice Industry
  • FSMA
  • FDA


  • Foodservice Organizations
  • Size: ~ 60 Companies
  • Mix of Manufacturers, Distributors & Operators

Foodservice Industry Group