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1WorldSync offers a set of world-class products and services to meet your product data management needs. In order to deliver the best experience for our customers we provide local service and support.

Below is a list of 1WorldSync solutions, you can renew your subscription directly by clicking on the link provided.

Data Pool Services (GDSN®)

Synchronize product information with your trading partners.


Product Introduction (PI)

Renew as a supplier who does business with The Kroger Company (Vendor Item Portal) or McLane Company.



1WorldSync offers a set of world-class solutions and services to meet your product information needs. In order to deliver the best experience for our customers, we provide local service and support. Below is a list of 1WorldSync solutions, you can subscribe directly to by clicking on the link provided.

If you have received a letter from one of your customers to participate in the GDSN®, you’ve come to the right place! To get started with 1WorldSync, click a service below. We have multiple offerings to best fit your needs. If you require further assistance, please go to the support page to get in touch with a 1WorldSync representative.

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1WorldSync GDSN® Data Synchronization

In today’s information based marketplace, companies are recognizing that product information is more important to their business than ever. 1WorldSync data pool services provide subscribers a global standards based and validated method of publishing and receiving product information between trading partners all around the world.

Data Synchronization at 1WorldSync is about more than just connecting product information. It’s about Supply Chain Enablement – aggregation, standardization and distribution of trusted product information; and Transparency & Compliance – manage the process of exchanging and managing product traceability, certificates and documentation, across trading partner communities around the world; Omni-Channel Commerce – solution delivers rich and trusted product content, including digital assets and insights – to engage customers and consumers –regardless of location or medium.

Product Introduction

1WorldSync Product Introduction allows brand owners, manufacturers, suppliers and information providers to supply recipient specific attribute information. Currently, The McLane Company and The Kroger Company require their suppliers to utilize Product Introduction tool to transmit their product information*.

*Trading Partner conditions apply

Data Accuracy Scorecard and Industry Readiness Monitor

Data Accuracy Scorecard is a service that enables customers with the ability to monitor and report on their product information. Suppliers can compare their GDSN data with the data in participating retailers’ databases to identify discrepancies. Data Accuracy Scorecard is currently utilized for Walmart and Kroger suppliers. Industry Readiness Monitor is a module of Data Accuracy Scorecard (DAS) that enables all 1WorldSync supply side customers to monitor and report on completeness of their data based on required GS1 US Foodservice industry attribute standards and identify any incomplete or missing information.

Data Loading and Maintenance Service

Expert Data Synchronization assistance and speed are the key benefits of our Data Loading and Maintenance service. For those who face tight GDSN Data Synchronization deadlines, have resource issues or have very busy jobs, our Data Loading and Maintenance service can help. Once you email your data to us using a simple template, our team analyzes your data for you against the requirements of your recipients and makes sure your data is published successfully. This service requires a 1WorldSync GDSN Data Synchronization subscription.

Omni-Channel Capabilities including Catalog1

Catalog1 provides users with the ability to capture, manage and store content, as well as collaborate with other 1WorldSync community members, using a web-based interface.  When used in conjunction with Catalog1 Apps, Catalog1 is a robust solution for the aggregation, storage, validation and distribution of content.

For assistance with getting started with Catalog1 please contact your account representative, or 1WorldSync support at 866.280.4013 or

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