Supplying Healthcare Organizations with Trusted Product Content

In a world of regulatory compliance, there has never been a more important time for the healthcare industry to address product information management.

Patient safety, medical device traceability and government regulations are having a profound effect on product information within the healthcare industry. The demands are growing and it is essential that healthcare companies find a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to manage, collect, validate and distribute information.

How 1WorldSync Benefits the Healthcare Industry

1WorldSync is the industry leader in global transparency and compliance solutions and a reliable source for authentic, enriched data to support regulatory compliance, improvements in patient safety and increased supply chain efficiency.

Healthcare Industry Expertise

We help you to meet industry requirements and regulatory demands and turn them into a competitive advantage by leveraging:

  • The largest GDSN-certified data pool implemented in over 60 countries.
  • Over 25,000 customers globally.
  • Close collaboration with organizations like the European Commission, NHS and MedTech Europe.
  • Years of experience with the FDA GUDID connection.
  • Unparalleled product visibility and data quality features.
  • Active participation in ECHO: EU initiative to streamline GDSN implementation in Healthcare

Product Information Solutions for the Healthcare Industry


1WorldSync supports your business’s global compliance with current and future healthcare supply chain regulations:

  • Regulatory compliance – connection with the FDA’s GUDID
  • UDI Solution – prepare and validate medical device product information before the compliance deadline
  • NHS Master Data Exchange Project
  • Medical Device Regulation (MDR)


    At 1WorldSync, we address patient safety and complex regulatory mandates through one synchronized platform. It’s no wonder why our healthcare community consists of the industry’s top brand owners, medical device manufacturers, distributors, GPO’s and providers.

    1WorldSync represents the largest brands from all sides of the Healthcare Industry including:

    Unique Device Identification (UDI)

    The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation mandates that UDI data for Class I medical devices to be submitted with an impending deadline of September 24, 2020. For organizations manufacturing medical devices, are you ready for these regulatory demands?