Trusted Content for Transparency and Compliance

In recent years, there has been a shift and product content transparency is a key component driving buyer behavior. Consumers are increasingly active participants in product attribution, basing their purchasing decisions on information beyond the standard product label. This increased demand for more product information, especially when it comes to food safety, is no longer a “nice to have” but a “need to have”.

Why 1WorldSync for the Foodservice Industry?

1WorldSync’s service offering provides the vehicle to aggregate accurate product content and digital assets to support the Foodservice industry’s increasing demand for product content and web-based catalog capabilities to provide easy and reliable access to information –  in one single platform.

Foodservice Industry Expertise:

  • Largest GDSN-certified data pool implemented in over 60 countries
  • Over 25,000 customers globally
  • Ability to address government regulations regarding labeling, nutritional standards, food safety, preparation, allergenic needs and more
  • Well-established and longstanding industry partnerships with the largest foodservice distributors across the globe

Foodservice Product Content Solutions:

  • Ability to send and receive product information to an unlimited number of trading partners around the world for one flat annual service subscription
  • Access to all of your customer data requirements and digital assets in a single solution
  • Better product recall traceability for all members of the Foodservice Supply Chain
  • Suite of tools include that enhance validity access and intelligence using defined data permissions


Only 1WorldSync can provide a suite of tools that enhance data validity, quality, and intelligence using defined data permission rights. We also give you the ability to exchange all product data as the largest GDSN®-certified data pool.


1WorldSync represents the largest brands from all sides of the Foodservice Industry including:

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