How 1WorldSync Connects the Hardlines Industry to Optimized Content 

Hardlines, DIY, and consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers depend on rich, accurate product information to drive sales and gain a competitive edge.

1WorldSync has collaborated with thousands of large and small hardlines organizations spanning all sub-sectors to collect, manage and distribute robust product information. Our solution suite and service offerings can support your organization for a complete end-to-end global content distribution strategy, helping to drive your organization’s bottom line.

Hardlines Industry Expertise

1WorldSync provides a better product content solutions for all vendors to manage and send product data, because we have:

  • Over 25,000 customers globally.
  • A global exchange of your product information via the largest GDSN-certified data pool implemented in over 60 countries.
  • Trusted and complete product data from a single source.
  • An omni-channel-ready solution.

Product Information Solutions for the Hardlines Industry

Manufacturers and retailers in the hardlines, DIY and electronics industries rely on 1WorldSync for:

  • Enhanced data quality
  • Superior service and support
  • Compliance with global regulations and standards
  • Reduced costs of information handling and IT maintenance
  • Cost and time savings

As we continue to offer a one-stop location for publishing GDSN and non-GDSN data, 1WorldSync represents the largest brand names in the Hardlines and DIY industry:

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