1WorldSync Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Turn Images into Sales with the 1WorldSync Digital Asset Management Solutions

The ability to visualize a product boost sales. Smart companies are using images and robust product content to drive increased conversion rate online.

Are you ready to reduce the cost of digital content distribution and burden and time of having to customize digital images for your customer or partner?

Enter 1WorldSync Digital Asset Management Solutions

From creation to upload to publish, the 1WorldSync Digital Asset Management Solutions offers organization one solution to easily create, upload, host, share and manage digital assets to preserve brand integrity and effectively drive online conversion.

Content Creation Services

  • Product Imaging
    • Shots compliant with Foodservice & CPG-Retail GS1 US Standards Initiative
    • 360 spinset, multiple static images (24 stills every 15°), can be stitched together to create a fluid interaction & spinning appearance – like a flipbook.
  • Weights & Dimensions Data Capture
    • Product data collection for weights and dimensions (height, width and depth)
    • Data collection results provided in an excel spreadsheet
  • Mass Uploading of Digital Assets
  • Images uploaded to 1WorldSync’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, a one stop shop for all images

Digital Asset Management

Leverage 1WorldSync Digital Asset Management Solution to upload, store, view, link, and distribute digital assets, including images, videos, and documents.

  • Storage and hosting for images, videos, documents and more
  • Distribution hosted in 1WorldSync’s Product Information Cloud
  • Ability to search/browse published information and digital assets through the API
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