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GDSN® Initiative

Ziiware is a technology service provider focusing on creating SaaS solutions for companies in the wholesale distribution industry. With over 30 years of experience we have a long track record of helping distributors with innovative solutions that streamline their business operations.

Our flagship solution, ZiiZii Order Entry, is used everyday by more than 60 U.S. based wholesale distributors that service the convenience store and grocery industries. The ZiiZii Order Entry user base represents over $12 Billion in combined revenue and includes companies such as: Tripifoods, Doyles Sheehan, Gummer Wholesale, Associated Grocers of New England, W.L. Petrey, and more.

The ZiiZii solution provides wholesalers with an intuitive B2B sales tool that can be used by both customers and sales teams. Within the ZiiZii mobile app and web platforms, users have access to an up-to-date product catalog that they can use to quickly build and submit orders as well as print shelf labels as required. Having access to accurate and detailed product information at the time of ordering, our customers report an increase in same-store sales and a dramatic decrease in product returns.

As part of our data strategy moving forward, we are excited to now be partnering with 1WorldSync to receive product information through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). By granting ZiiZii users access to this data it will facilitate a further increase in user order volume and an additional reduction in the frequency of product returns.

To begin synchronizing your product data with Ziiware, please review the documents provided on this page and fill out the Trading Partner Form above. Please get started right away!

Steps to Participate

If you would like to join this initiative and your organization is currently a member of a GDSN certified data-pool*:

  1. Complete the Ziiware Trading Partner Form
  2. Review the Ziiware Implementation Guide
  3. Review the Ziiware Attribute List
  4. Publish your GDSN Item Content to the Ziiware GLN 0860002590301

*If you are a supplier not currently participating in the GDSN and would like to get started, please reach out to or call 1WorldSync at +1 866.280.4013.

1WorldSync Customer Support
+1 866.280.4013

Trading Partner Form