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GDSN® Initiative

United Grocery Outlet (Bargain Barn, Inc.) is a highly reputable closeout grocery merchant buying and selling almost anything found in a supermarket.

We specialize in handling inventory imbalances, closeouts, packaging changes, close-dated product, factory seconds, and trial run products. From our distribution center in Athens, Tennessee, we operate retail outlets in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, and Alabama.

We move a tremendous amount of product through our retail outlets so producers can move out problem product without disrupting normal channels of distribution.

Receiving your product information through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) will allow us to increase both the volume and speed in which we can move your product to our customers in service of our commitment to you, our valued producers. Your accurate up to date item data, including supply chain information and nutritionals, will directly translate to increased opportunities to solve your problem product dilemmas while maintaining complete brand integrity and minimizing loss for your hard to sell inventory.

Complete our Trading Partner Form on the bottom of this page and review the accompanying documentation to start sending us your product information today!

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