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GDSN® Initiative

Since 1940 Associated Food Stores (AFS) has proudly served retailers across eight states as the only independent cooperatively-owned grocery wholesaler in the Intermountain West. Small or large, urban or city, we are committed to our retailer’s success and work to provide the tools and support they need to stay competitive, serve and strengthen their communities and operate successful businesses.

Associated Food Stores’ retailers are also committed to serving their communities well beyond groceries. As locally owned and operated businesses, these grocers help boost their local economies, provide more locally sourced products and are able to give back to the community in multiple ways. Our members are committed to making a difference.

AFS is pleased to announce we have partnered with 1WorldSync as our GDSN-certified data pool of choice. Accurate and complete product content empowers our teams to drive more sales of your products via multiple channels and undoubtedly provides our customers an ability to make educated product and lifestyle choices. We expect all our suppliers to publish product information via the GDSN to enable better sales and e-commerce engagement across our supply chain.

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Data Sync Contacts:
1WorldSync Customer Support
+1 866.280.4013

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