Share Groups & Industry Work Groups

At 1WorldSync, we are dedicated to providing our community with collaborative platforms for open engagement and industry alignment. 1WorldSync Share Groups and Industry Work Groups provide a free forum for customers to collaborate, share knowledge and discuss experiences with other knowledgeable community members.

Group members are provided with a platform to discuss paint points and any challenges their industry or organization is experiencing. This provides an opportunity for customers to learn how to solve their pain points using 1WorldSync solutions and services.

Methodology Benefits
The 1WorldSync team delivers:

  • Robust and proven trading partner onboarding program
  • Across multiple industries worldwide
  • Successful history for engaging large supplier communities
  • Proven success with recipient’s programs and industry events
As a customer, you can benefit from:

  • Easy management of a large number of suppliers via one process
  • Increased visibility of supplier information
  • Improved quality of data
  • Faster adoption of content and supplier on-boarding education

Join a Community Group

*Available to 1WorldSync customers only. To register, contact us for more information at

  • The Foodservice Industry Group provides a collaborative environment for operators, manufacturers & distributors to discuss industry impacting efforts [GDSN Adoption/Execution] and insights into initiatives/events impacting the Foodservice Industry overall [FSMA, FDA].
  • The Beer, Wine & Spirits Industry Group is open to any brand in the Adult Beverage Industry vertical. Our focus is on identifying industry gaps within the 3 tiered system and collaboratively work towards implementing solutions. We are currently building an end-to-end process map that shows a high-level view of the item lifecycle – from concept to the end consumer.


For more information on our Community Enablement capabilities – and how we can help your business – please call us at (US) +1 866 280 4013.