Trading Table

GDSN® Initiative

What Is TradingTable®?

TradingTable® is an intuitive, easy-to-use online ordering platform for foodservice operators, distributors and suppliers.

Here’s how it works: As a supplier, you publish your product information to TradingTable® through the Global Data Synchronization Network. Operators select the items they already carry and explore new items in your portfolio. To order, operators connect with distributors of their choice. Distributors then set terms for each operator. Once approved by distributors,operators can submit orders to all of their distributors through TradingTable®.

With TradingTable®, all parties work better together. Your entire product portfolio gets greater visibility. Operators can easily order their usual products, and gain access to new ones, all on one platform. And distributors operate more efficiently and profitably while maintaining better control of existing operator relationships and gaining new customers.

Why Should Suppliers Care?

TradingTable® works for suppliers like you by allowing you to publish all of your product information directly to the platform for free. Operators can see all that you have to offer on the very platform they use to order products, at no cost to you.

If operators want to purchase new products, TradingTable® connects them with distributors within their existing network. If distributors do not carry your product, and an operator is requesting it, they’ll contact you directly to begin carrying the product – a front door sale for you.

If none of the distributors in an operator’s network want to carry a particular product of yours, TradingTable® will introduce the operator to a distributor that does, so the order can be fulfilled.

Why Publish Product Information?

  • Showcase More Products, Get More CustomersBy publishing your product information directly to TradingTable®, you are allowing new customers to see and access all that you offer, not just what they usually buy from distributors, or what distributors want to sell.
  • It’s Completely FreeTradingTable® does not charge suppliers to publish product information directly to the platform. We believe that giving you the opportunity to showcase your entire portfolio helps the entire TradingTable® community.
  • No Pricing InterferenceTradingTable® allows distributors to safeguard pricing — only operators who have existing relationships with a distributor have access to their own pricing.
  • No Distributor InterferenceTradingTable® does not interfere with your distributors, either. In fact, those relationships are often strengthened when distributors start selling more products in your portfolio.
  • Your Data Is SafeWhen you publish product data to TradingTable®, it’s 100% safe. Only active and approved members on TradingTable® – both operators and distributors – have access to your data. Other suppliers cannot see your product information.

What’s Next?

TradingTable® is a GS1 Solution Partner and an active member in the Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative. We’ve chosen the 1WorldSync data pool and have partnered with them for data synchronization needs.

As a next step, TradingTable® is asking suppliers like you to publish your product data to our platform via the GDSN.

Get started by completing the Trading Partner Form and reviewing the documents on this page.

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