GDSN® Initiative

SUPERVALU  has over 1,200 suppliers in production in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN®). SUPERVALU expects all of our suppliers to join us in this important industry initiative to drive efficiencies across the entire supply chain. By implementing data sync with the GS1 Standards, you will be able to leverage your investment across dozens of US-based retailers who are implementing GDSN.

The Global Data Synchronization Network enables trading partners to globally share trusted product data. You can exchange product attribute information with business partners efficiently in real time. As a data sync capable vendor, you are expected to participate in this initiative. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increases speed-to-shelf for new items
  • Reduces costs within the supply chain
  • Reduces out-of-stocks
  • Eliminates hand keying for creation and maintenance of items

Data Quality:

Supervalu expects suppliers to send accurate data as it drives item set up and maintenance of data in all of SUPERVALU’s systems. The following are just a few of the required and important attributes to send in your item publications.

  • Product Images
  • nonGTINPalletTi/Hi or Ti/Hi (see “Ti-Hi Requirements” document on the left)
  • Quality and unabbreviated Product Descriptions
  • GPC Brick Code – Product Classification

Supplier Resources:

As a partner in the global data synchronization initiative with suppliers, we have developed some tools to help you with your data accuracy and sync percentage. They are as follows:

  • Item spreadsheet reports (email for a updated item report)
  • Two implementation guides found under the key documents section of this page describing both the new item creation and the initial load (existing item) synchronization requirements

New Item Introduction with Supervalu:

GDSN capable suppliers are expected to create new items through GDSN instead of manually creating them in our vendor portal. For questions about this process please read the New Item Create Implementation Guide or contact us.

Contact SUPERVALU at

1WorldSync Customer Support
+1 866.280.4013