SP Health

GDSN® Initiative

SP Health is a consumer health business which provides best practice health and weight management solutions. SP Health delivers a suite of online platforms that are available to regions all around the world and is partnered with some of the best names in the health and fitness industry to supply managed services, share content and run promotions. Some of these partnerships and platforms include:

  • The Biggest Loser – the Biggest Loser Club in the US, UK, Asia and Australia
  • Hairy Bikers – the Hairy Bikers Diet Club (UK)
  • News Corp’s- the Body + Soul Revolution (Australia)
  • Fitness First
  • BUPA
  • SP Health’s own brand ClickFit

The SP Health platforms are powered by a food and exercise database called iFed (International Food and Exercise Database). This database has significantly expanded over the years since SP Health created it back in 2008 and has the potential to grow exponentially in line with the increasing availability of food products on the market. The database now houses over 200,000 global foods retailed in supermarkets, food outlets and restaurants throughout the US, UK, Asia and Australia. SP Health’s ambition is to extend the iFed database to become synchronised with barcodes, creating the ability to scan products.

The SP Health /1WorldSync initiative facilitates a simple solution for food suppliers to disseminate their product nutrition information to the consumer linked by the GDSN. Consumers can then access reliable and accurate nutrition information online or via mobile devices retrieved in a scanned or manual search format.

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