Smarter Sorting

Welcome to the Next-Generation of Regulation Classification!

A technology startup from Austin, TX, Smarter Sorting is using their Regulatory AI to save formulators time and money, while limiting regulatory liability. By publishing to Smarter Sorting, you will be one of the first formulators to benefit from Smarter Sorting’s automated data entry process. The result is that your products get to retail shelves faster while Smarter Sorting’s machine learning technology enables you to have more accurate regulatory classifications at a lower price and in less time than your current options.

What Is the Product Registration and Classification Process?

Retailers require formulators to register their products in a process that is currently costly and time-consuming. By utilizing 1WorldSync GDSN content, Smarter Sorting produces more efficient and accurate regulatory classifications than existing alternatives. Simply by clicking the “publish” button, you are helping to usher in a new regulatory reality that will save you time and money.

What Makes Smarter Sorting Different?

Get your products to retail shelves faster as part of a new, streamlined regulatory registration and classification process. Several of the largest US retailers have transitioned to the Smarter Sorting platform – publish now to be one of the first suppliers to take advantage of the power of GDSN product content in the regulatory space with Smarter Sorting.

As an added bonus, companies that join Smarter Sorting’s Beta will have access to Smarter Sorting’s classifications through their Classification Portal™ at no charge through 2019.

Steps to Participate

If you would like to join this initiative and your organization is currently a member of a GDSN certified data-pool*:

  1. Fill out a Smarter Sorting Trading Partner Form
  2. Review the Smarter Sorting Implementation Guide
  3. Publish your GDSN Item Content to the Smarter Sorting Production GLN 0860002031200

*If you are a supplier not currently participating in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and would like to get started, please reach out to or call 1WorldSync at +1 866.280.4013.

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