Rouses Markets

GDSN® Initiative

Rouses Markets of Thibodaux, LA is one of the largest independent grocers in the United States, with 43 stores in three states. Rouses is known for supporting local suppliers, creating a positive shopping atmosphere for customers, and for developing the online side of its grocery business in a way that benefits suppliers and customers alike.

In order to achieve and pass on the benefits of accurate and complete product data to its trading partners, Rouses is taking steps to further improve its operating efficiencies and the accuracy of the data represented in its product catalogs by using data synchronization via the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®). Rouses has partnered with 1WorldSync as its GDSN ®-certified data pool and will begin requiring selects groups of suppliers to use data synchronization to transmit their item data to Rouses as of Q4 2013. Rouses aims to synchronize all mandatory GDSN ® item attributes, logistical information, marketing data and product images. By streamlining product data through the GDSN®, Rouses can leverage accurate, consistent product information throughout all levels of the supply chain.

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