Reinhart Foodservice

GDSN® Initiative: Using Content to Discover, Plan, and Market

Reinhart Foodservice is the 4th largest foodservice distributor in the country, serving independent restaurants, delis, sporting venues, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, the military and chain accounts.

Through their integrated marketing approach Reinhart Foodservice uses content across multiple platforms to connect to customers in restaurants, healthcare, hospitality and entertainment. This approach offers timely, reliable and accurate customer service and a buying experience catering to you and your customers by enabling better monitoring of inventory, storing recipes, establishing pricing, searching for recipe alternatives, garnering nutritional information and placing orders with ease.

Reinhart Foodservice: Best-in-class Online Buying Experience

Reinhart’s sales teams and customers rely on accurate and complete product information in order to operate effectively, make educated product choices, and utilize your products on their menus with confidence. They are excited with the tools and support that you, their teams, and their operators will gain as result of their alignment with 1WorldSync. It is their expectation for all their suppliers to publish product information via the GDSN and thus enable better sales and ecommerce engagement across their supply chain.


Contact Reinhart:

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