Quotient Technology Inc.

GDSN® Initiative

Quotient pioneered the digital transformation of the promotions industry, beginning with coupons that shoppers print at home. Quotient’s continual innovation now does much more. Quotient’s mobile app delivers digital coupons directly to shoppers. The Coupons.com app automatically loads offers onto shoppers’ credit cards, store loyalty cards and cardless-shopping accounts. Quotient delivers brand messages to shoppers across all devices through Coupons.com’ online network of approximately 30,000 publishers, which include the websites of retailers as well as lifestyle sites and popular blogger sites.

Quotient is one of the few marketing-data providers that can link online behavior to in-store purchase data. This enables us to target offers, digital advertising and messages to the shoppers who are most valuable to a brand. Marrying online and in-store data provides Quotient’s clients with unprecedented intelligence about each consumer’s past purchases and future-purchase intent, since we are able to read purchase intent in a consumer’s online behavior. All this intelligence on our proprietary platform can further optimize returns on each promotional campaign. The reach of our industry-leading network is unparalleled. Last year alone we powered more than 1.6 billion digital-coupon transactions. And we’re just getting started.

As part of our data strategy moving forward, Quotient is excited to be partnering with 1WorldSync to receive product information through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Supported by GS1 Global Standards, and utilized by top US retailers, the GDSN facilitates the exchange of standardized, accurate, timely product information critical to avoiding coupon malredemption for your brand, ensuring advertising and shopper marketing efficacy, and maximizing performance throughout the sales process for your items. To begin synchronizing your product data with Quotient, please review the documents provided on this page and fill out the Trading Partner Form above. Get started today!

Data Sync Contacts:
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