North American

GDSN® Initiative

For over 90 years, North American has been a leader in managing businesses’ non-core operations such as: Building maintenance and management, Consumable supplies, Health and cleanliness, Production and distribution of business materials

North American supports business to ensure smarter, leaner operations — generating significant savings opportunities today and long into the future. By analyzing and evaluating the way employees source order and utilize non-core supplies, we can create a customized program for your organization that helps to streamline your non-core operations, allowing you to remain focused on the core business, with fewer distractions.

North American is excited to inform their customers about efforts to increase customer satisfaction. North American endorses GS1 Standards and partners with 1WorldSync to help synchronize data with their trading partners. As a next step in this initiative, We are asking suppliers to start synchronize their product data via the GDSN. Please review the documents on this page to get started.

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