Maui Chemical and Paper Products

GDSN® Initiative

Established in 1969, Maui Chemical and Paper Products, Inc. is a family owned business which has served the County of Maui for over 30 years. It offers Disposable Food Service Products, Janitorial Supplies and Equipment, Cleaning Compounds, Floor Maintenance and Finishes, Carpet Care Products, Office Supplies, Health Care Products, and even Retail Food and non-food Products. Primarily Maui Chemical and Paper Products, Inc. services the Resort and Lodging industry of Maui County and the fast food, restaurant establishments on the island. But a large part of its sales is still directed to retail outlets, schools, offices, medical facilities and long term care homes within the community.

Maui Chemical & Paper Products is excited to inform their customers about efforts to increase customer satisfaction. Maui Chemical & Paper Products endorses GS1 Standards and partners with 1WorldSync to help synchronize data with their trading partners. As a next step in this initiative, we are asking suppliers to start synchronizing their product data via the GDSN. Please review the documents on this page to get started.

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