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Company Profile

The Kroger Company is the largest grocery store chain in the U.S., the second-largest general retailer by revenue, and fourth-largest retailer in the world. The Kroger Company operates almost 4,000 stores with store formats that include supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, and mall jewelry stores.

Kroger Initiatives

The Kroger Company has deployed a data synchronization initiative called Item MDM/VIP. Item MDM/VIP is a multi-year project that has completed roll-out by Kroger classes. Suppliers are responsible for providing the data we need about the items we sell. The Kroger Vendor Item Portal (VIP) will facilitate the workflow process required to maintain items by storing characteristics or “attributes” of items we sell.

Some of the benefits from this process are the ability to:

  • Leverage the value of GDSN by adopting global data standards
  • Instantly update the Kroger team of item modifications
  • Improve data accuracy, as all item information will originate with and be owned by the supplier
  • Enhance communication of relevant item data to our suppliers
  • Help us look at items like our customers do so we can both sell more product

The information on this page will help suppliers learn about the steps required to get on board with Item MDM/VIP.

How to Get Started with Item MDM/VIP

To get started, please review the points below.

Identify your Kroger Class(es) and when they will cutover.

  • To find out when your company will be asked to submit item information as a part of Item MDM/VIP, download the VIP and MDM Product Class Release Schedule document in the “Quick Links” section at right to see a list of classes going live in 2014 and beyond.

Determine how your company will communicate product information to Kroger in the future.

You will ONLY be able to submit information to us by either:

  • Using the Kroger Vendor Item Portal (VIP) only to enter all of your item information or, using a combination of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and the Vendor Item Portal (VIP). Find out more about GDSN at We encourage the use of GDSN, but it is not required.
  • You will need your company’s IPGLN to register for the Kroger VIP. Contact if you need assistance.


10-Steps to Supplier Success with Kroger


  1. Download the Product Class Release Schedule for: Vendor Item Portal (VIP) and Master Data Management (MDM). The schedule indicates when the VIP opens for each class and also when the class will move to the MDM. (See “Quick Links” section).
  2. Review Training Resources and Register for Training – Learn more about available training courses. (See “Training & Education” section).
  3. All items must be GTIN Compliant. For details go to


  1. Determine How Your Company Will Communicate Product Information to Kroger – In the near future, all suppliers will ONLY be able to submit information by using:
    • A combination of GDSN through a Data Pool and The VIP –or– enter all item information entirely through the VIP.
    • Kroger encourages the use of GDSN, but it is not required. Learn more about GDSN at
  2. Identify Your Data Management Contacts
    • The data contact should be someone who will be responsible for:
      • Entering the item data and knowing where data is (e.g., package dimensions, carton weight, and nutritional information)
      • Item data sync / top-off
    • Contacts can be brokers or distributors.
    • Email your IPGLN and data contact name(s) and contact information to
  3. Review Attribute Requirements – Download the Kroger Attribute Sheet to understand required item information for each class. (See “Quick Links” section).


  1. Review and Return the “Item Confirmation Report” to Update Current and Deleted Products Sold to Kroger
    • This report will be sent by
    • Respond to this email with necessary item information and indicate items no longer available that should be deleted.
  2. Register for the VIP
    • VIP registration is required for all Kroger suppliers. New subscribers: Register for VIP by clicking the Register for VIP link on this page (here).
    • You need your company’s IPGLN to register for the Kroger VIP. Get help at 1WorldSync Business Support Services (below).
    • If you are a 1WorldSync data pool customer you may register for the Kroger Vendor Item Portal (VIP) at any time, without any additional cost. All other suppliers are required to register for a nominal annual access fee.
  3. Submit Item(s) via the VIP!
    • If you use a GDSN data pool (preferred), publish your items to Kroger, then complete the item setup by clicking the Log into VIP button on this page (here).
    • If you do not use a GDSN Data Pool, you can also submit the entire item information data via the VIP.
  4. Need help?
    • For Kroger VIP Item Submission and business questions contact the Kroger Supplier Engagement Group:
      • email:
      • US phone: 1-844-277-6165, Option 1
      • International phone: +011 513-387-1140, Option 1
      • hours: 8:00AM to 6:00PM ET Mon-Fri (Effective April 24, 2017)
    • For VIP or 1Worldsync technical questions contact the 1WorldSync Service Desk:
    • For VIP or 1Worldsync registration questions contact the 1WorldSync Business Support Services :

Data Sync Contacts:
1WorldSync Kroger Support Group
  (for technical support) (for VIP sign up)
866.280.4013, Option 8

Kroger Item MDM/VIP Contact

For questions regarding VIP Item Submission:
US phone: 1-844-277-6165, Option 1
International phone: +011 513-387-1140, Option 1
hours: 8:00AM to 6:00PM ET Mon-Fri (Effective April 24, 2017)

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For information on Kroger VIP and pricing: or call (866) 280-4013