Kohl Wholesale

GDSN® Initiative

Kohl Wholesale, previously known as N. Kohl Grocer Co., was founded in 1873 by Nikolaus Kohl. The family-owned business became one of the largest coffee roasters in the areas as well as one of the best stocked wholesale grocery establishments in the Midwest. Over time the company went through many changes to facilitate the needs of their customers.

Today, Kohl Wholesale continues to be a strong Broadline Distributing force in Illinois, Missouri and Iowa. Kohl Wholesale is a proud distributor of many national brands in our inventory of over 10,000 products. Kohl Wholesale provides service to restaurants, hotels, supermarket delis, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, retail groceries, caterers, taverns, and many other businesses.

Kohl Wholesale is now adopting GS1 standards and implementing data synchronization for receiving product information via Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Our customers’ support and participation in this important initiative is required to help serve you better. Accordingly, Kohl Wholesale has partnered with 1WorldSync for data pool services.

Please visit the links on this page to learn more about the GDSN process with Kohl Wholesale.


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