GDSN® Initiative

IPAP (Independent Procurement Alliance Program) is a privately owned company founded with the sole purpose of creating supply chain efficiencies for its owners (Performance Food Group, UniPro Foodservice, Golbon, F.A.B., Inc. and Federated Foodservice). Since its conception, IPAP has purchased over one billion dollars of refrigerated dairy products for their distributors through IPAP. IPAP’s consolidated and direct-ship ordering programs utilize approximately 100 suppliers and provide foodservice products to hundreds of distributors.

IPAP recently engaged in GDSN® to obtain accurate, standards-based, synchronized product data from its suppliers with goals to increase efficiencies in its supply chain system and provide the most accurate data possible to its third-party warehouses and distributor members. IPAP has partnered with 1WorldSync (GDSN®-certified data pool) for this important industry-wide initiative.

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