Unified Supply Chain, Inc.

GDSN® Initiative

The DQ® system is now on its 76th year with more than 6,700 locations throughout the U.S., Canada and 27 other countries.  Although much has changed in the world and in the DQ® system through the years, success is as simple today as it was in 1940. Happy fans lead to successful restaurants.

In 2004, Unified Supply Chain Inc. (USCI) was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of International Dairy Queen (IDQ).  It was created to streamline the supply chain operations of IDQ, allow for transparency through franchisee participation in the supply chain and to provide Dairy Queen® franchisees a competitive position against the other QSR chains.  As USCI was formed, the franchisee Supply Chain Advisory Council (SCAC) was elected to advise USCI on all supply chain issues while ensuring accountability.

USCI and the SCAC continue to work together, making tremendous strides in lowering costs for DQ® operators while ensuring stable and dependable supply.

GDSN Initiative

USCI and the SCAC are committed to protecting our brand and taking proactive measures to enhance food safety.  Food safety is our top priority and the GDSN standards will allow us the product traceability that we need to protect our fans and our franchisees while reducing costs and creating efficiencies.  Implementing the GDSN standards and technology into our supply chain is a significant step forward for our supply chain and our system.

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