Healthcare Supply Chain Association

GDSN® Initiative

The Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA) and its group purchasing organization (GPO) members are leading the way on improving the accuracy and accessibility of product information available to the supply chain. To that end, the HSCA has created a focused group to promote standards for healthcare eCommerce called the Coalition for Healthcare eStandards (CHeS).

CHeS has developed the “Total Visibility Project,” an industry best practice related to data synchronization that supports greater efficiency in the healthcare supply chain while also improving patient safety. This initiative will create greater transparency and access to accurate product information for providers, at both the procurement and clinical level, ensuring that the right product gets to the right patient at the right time.  Please click the press release linked in the left navigation to learn more.

To provide healthcare trading partners access to your product information, the GPO members of HSCA are engaging in data synchronization through the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN). GDSN is an automated, standards-based global environment for the electronic transfer of standardized product information between trading partners. GDSN helps to enable secure, continuous data synchronization over time. This initiative will enable one-time publication of data for access to all participating GPOs and their members.

To advance data synchronization and simplify the publication of product attributes, CHeS has identified 31 product attributes that all suppliers, manufacturers and GPOs providing data to the GDSN may use to fulfill HSCA member attribute requirements. With a one-time publication of these 31 attributes, suppliers like you will know that all hospital/provider members of these GPOs will have immediate access to your product data. For product suppliers and manufacturers, we believe this achieves Total Visibility of these product attributes in the healthcare supply chain.

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