Health-e Pro

GDSN® Initiative

Health-e Pro is the developer of the Health-e Meal Planner, a USDA approved, web-based menu planner for schools, charter schools, consultants, caterers, management companies and state departments.  We make planning compliant menus easy for all Federal meal programs.

Menu planning begins with product information.  Our customers are constantly searching for healthy, tasty, foods and products to incorporate into their food service programs.  We’ve incorporated a Manufacturer Marketplace directly into our software that enables our customers to easily find products that will work in their menus.  Our manufacturer partners are able to make their products and product information directly available to the decision makers at the exact time they are making their purchasing decisions.  We track usage on all products throughout the menu planning cycle including planning, purchasing, preparation and service.  Health-e Pro is rapidly becoming THE primary source of school food product specifications.

Please visit the links on this page to learn more about the GDSN process with Health-e Pro.

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