EBP Supply Solutions

GDSN® Initiative

EBP Supply Solutions is the most versatile family-owned distribution partner that provides a broad range of essential supplies & services for progressive commercial organizations throughout the eastern and domestic United States. EBP Supply Solutions was built around a simple desire to supply businesses with the goods they need every day, and to offer honest services to help everyone improve. EBP Supply Solutions has grown and evolved over the years, expanding service to clients across the Commercial Building & Facility, Healthcare, Foodservice, Institutional (including both Government and Education), and Hospitality & Recreation industries.

In order to continue the tradition of excellent customer service, they have undertaken the project to begin synchronizing their products with their suppliers in order to attain GS1 compliance as well as gain efficiencies within their company. The documents listed provide the process and methods to be used by EBP Supply Solutions and its suppliers in achieving this goal.

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