Baumann Paper Company

GDSN® Initiative

Baumann Paper Company provides wholesale distribution of paper, plastic, and other sanitary supplies for industry, food service, grocery, retail and healthcare uses, serving almost the entire Commonwealth as well as parts of Southern Indiana, Western West Virginia, Southern Ohio, and parts of Tennessee.

The major market segments for Baumann services are: Healthcare and Medical Facilities, Doctor and Dentist Offices, All Food Service Operations, Grocery Store Supplies, Industrial/Manufacturing Operations, Retail/Discount Stores, Office Buildings, Other Wholesale Operations, Hotels & Motels, Arena & Convention Operations, Schools and Colleges, Federal, State and Local Government Operations. For more information visit

Baumann has partnered with 1WorldSync and SpecPage, a certified 1WorldSync Solutions Provider, to retrieve product data from 1WorldSync GDSN®-certified data pool, and keep Baumann’s product catalog completely up-to-date and accurate. Please review the documents and communications on this page to begin synchronizing your product data with Baumann Paper Co.

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