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GDSN® Initiative

Alibaba Group was established in 1999 with a mission “to make it easy to do business anywhere.” The founders started the Alibaba Group to champion small businesses, in the belief that the Internet would level the playing field by enabling small enterprises to leverage innovation and technology to grow and compete more effectively in the domestic and global economies.

Since launching its first website helping small Chinese exporters, manufacturers and entrepreneurs to sell internationally, Alibaba Group has grown into a global leader in online and mobile commerce. Today the company and its affiliates, including Taobao Marketplace, TMall, AliExpress,,,, and Alibaba Cloud, operate leading wholesale and retail online marketplaces as well as businesses in cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation initiatives and others.

Alibaba Group operates various businesses and also derive support for our ecosystem from the businesses and services of related and affiliated companies. As a platform, we continue to develop services to help businesses do more and discover new opportunities. That is why the Alibaba Group is excited to work with 1WorldSync as a partner in our Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) initiative. Data synchronization of item information through the GDSN allows our suppliers to send accurate, enriched product information, driving inefficiencies out of the supply chain and increasing product sales. On this page you will find additional resources and education material. Start synchronizing your product data with Alibaba Group today. Fill out our Trading Partner Form by clicking on the green button above to the right.

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