The Search for the Golden Product Content Record

The Search for the Golden Product Content Record

By | February 28th, 2019

Today’s consumers demand complete, trusted, brand verified product content. High quality product content is the foundation of a great customer experience that delights customers and drives conversion.

Master Data Management has always been important for the standardization of processes to increase efficiencies and lower operational costs. However, providing trusted product content has gotten very complex for companies in recent years. Why?

  1. Regulations like LMIV, HazMat, Eudamed etc are putting additional risk on companies to deliver product information that are compliant and validated.
  2. Suppliers have multiple systems that house product content for individual departments.
  3. Product content requirements change quickly and often.

Bridging Supply Chain & Marketing Product Content Can Be Challenging

The reality is that a supply chain department has different requirements than a marketing department and naturally they invest in fragmented solutions that broaden the disconnect between the departments.

This fragmentation creates confusion, misunderstanding, ignorance, inefficiencies, double work and high costs. The quality of the product content is usually poor – and poor product content will lead to a loss of sales!

Digitization for Content Enablement from a Single Source of Truth – 1WorldSync

1WorldSync simplifies product content exchange between 25,000 brands, suppliers, distributors and recipients. We provide an end-to-end solution that addresses Supply Chain & Marketing Product Content needs and cover every step of the product content journey today and tomorrow.

  • Image Capture: Taking pictures of the product, from basic to advanced imagery, including images to enable a 360-degree view of the product 
  • Content Enrichment: Capturing and enriching product content to meet recipient-requirements before loading it into the 1WorldSync platform
  • Syndication:  Loading and maintaining product information including images on behalf of our customers
  • Quality: Verifying of content readiness according to community profiles, identification of irregularities and outliers
  • Insights: Providing insight and analytics of supplier content performance on retail e-commerce platforms

If you would like guidance to achieve the perfect data set – the golden record – please contact us today!