How to Be MjR3 Ready!

How to Be MjR3 Ready!

By | March 23rd, 2015

1WorldSync understands the implications of Major Release 3 for its diverse community of trading partners. The impact to each organization may be very different depending on what attributes they support and what interface they have into their data pool.  1WorldSync is helping its community Be MjR3 Ready by breaking it down into three steps and providing the support needed to successfully complete each step along the way.

  1. LEARN

Educating yourself is the first step in the process.  Learning begins with knowing about the MjR3 and the exciting new capabilities enabled by the release.  1WorldSync has provided information about the release including:

  • Release Notes to cover the basics about the upcoming release
  • Quarterly Webinars covering the timing and available documentation
  • Microsite offering a one stop access point to the latest resources and information about the release

Assessing the impact the release has on your organization is the next step to Be MjR3 Ready.  This is important to determine how much time you need to prepare for the May 2016 release date.  To support you in this process 1WorldSync has provided various documents to help identify the impact including:

  • Delta Document for Item Management users. This document lists each attribute available in 1WorldSync, the specific impact to that attribute as well as the outlined migration path.
  • Spreadsheet (FUSE) Extract for Item Management users. Extract your complete item catalogue to understand the attributes that you send / receive today to assess the level of impact with MjR3.
  • Specification Documents for legacy 1SYNC Machine to Machine users. These specifications are available to begin assessing and planning for changes in the XML schema.

Additionally, 1WorldSync will be providing more information in Q2 that will continue supporting you in this process of assessing your organizations impact including:

  • Data Migration Document for Item Management users that explains what 1WorldSync will be doing to migrate your data for MjR3 and what you will need to consider doing as part of the release.
  • MjR3 Checklist for Item Management users to use as a reference point for what steps should be taken to assess your organizations impact.
  • Concept Videos for Item Management users to begin understanding some of the more impactful changes that are being introduced with the release.
  • LIVE Webinars for Item Management users to not only begin understanding the more impactful changes, but interact directly with MjR3 specialists who will answer questions and provide guidance on implementing the changes and new capabilities introduced with the release.
  1. ACT

The third and final step to Be MjR3 Ready is to take the needed actions to be prepared for the release in May 2016.  These actions will be different for each organization but could include:

  • XML Changes
  • Addressing possible data loss due to deprecated attributes
  • Valid Value Changes
  • Internal Business Process Changes
  • Understanding and Leveraging New Capabilities

1WorldSync is making available an MjR3 Pre-Production or test environment to help you test the changes you need to make to Be MjR3 ReadyThis environment will be available in Q3 of 2015.  More information about the set up and how to get access along with available testing support will be communicated by mid Q3.  For those organizations that are struggling with time or resources to assess the impact to their organization, 1WorldSync’s Professional Services team is available to engage directly with your organization with various service offerings that will meet your needs.  To find out more, email

For those 1WorldSync XML customers out there we anticipate you are well into the ASSESS step.  The impact is a smaller for those 1WorldSync Spreadsheet and UI customers but you too should be moving from LEARN to ASSESS at this time.

This is a GDSN Major Release but 1WorldSync is helping its community Be MjR3 Ready!