Shifting paradigm in healthcare

Shifting paradigm in healthcare

By | August 20th, 2014

1WorldSync had the great pleasure of attending the Annual AHRMM Conference August 3-6, 2014. There was a lot of valuable information shared, but above all, it was clear that the Healthcare Industry is well on its way to realizing the benefits of GS1 Standards and eventually, the GDSN.

A consistent theme, in sessions and in conversation, was how the Healthcare Industry can leverage the successes of other Industries, such as Retail and Foodservice, in achieving supply chain efficiencies. The overwhelming conclusion was that the Healthcare Industry, as a whole, needs to adopt a single set of standards. Using these other Industries as a model, it was recommended and endorsed that the GS1 system of Standards should drive the Healthcare Industry.

After three days of exciting conversations I took away two key factors for moving the Industry forward:

1. Look at Walmart as a model to follow, inclusive of Walmart’s adoption of GS1 standards

2. Change the Healthcare Industry view of “patients” to “customers” and “consumers

This shift in viewing the patient as a consumer will have a profound effect on healthcare. Industry leaders are constantly looking to provide high quality patient care. The discussions at AHRMM 2014 enabled thought leadership and collaboration on benefits of standards, not only for the provider in terms of cost reduction associated with the supply chain, but also for turning those efficiencies into better services for the patient, the healthcare consumer. The industry is seeking to provide greater visibility to end consumers, in terms of what products are provided and used on them, as well as creating a better and more streamlined reporting

The months ahead will be transformative for the Healthcare industry. The first deadline for UDI submission, September 24, 2014, is fast approaching, and more and more Providers are looking at GDSN as a means to obtaining and exchanging better product data. The effort that GS1 US and GS1 Global are putting forth to provide leadership to the Industry is having a tremendous impact on how the Industry drives towards the future. 1WorldSync is very excited to help play a part in driving the Healthcare Industry towards the type of success in supply chain and product information management capabilities that we have achieved in other industries, such as Retail, Grocery, Foodservice and DIY.

1WorldSync is hosting a free Healthcare Webinar on August 19, 2014 at 2PM EST. Join us to learn about how GS1 Standards and GDSN can help simplify business processes and support your organization for regulatory compliance.

1WorldSync is excited to announce that the 1WorldSync Healthcare Community Call will hold its inaugural meeting on August 28th at 11AM EST. Contact me at to find out how you can join!

I look forward to speaking to you soon!