Our apprentice Cynthia’s internship abroad

Our apprentice Cynthia’s internship abroad

By | September 7th, 2017

We are glad that our apprentice, Cynthia Jansen, had the possibility to do an internship in England in spring 2017. Cynthia has been one of five participants from her school class being able to take part in the scholarship program named GATE. The German Apprentices‘ Training in Europe (GATE) is a program which offers apprentices an internship in England or Finland, financed through the European Erasmus+-program. Each year, a defined number of apprentices gets the chance to participate in it.  Cynthia was proposed for the scholarship by her teachers, not only due to her outstanding performance in school but also due to her considerable social behavior in class.

Through her stay in England, Cynthia was not only able to gain some practical experience at the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, but she also got to know the English lifestyle during her stay at a British family’s home. These experiences in England made it easy for Cynthia to extend her English language skills, as well as her intercultural competences even more.

Please read more about Cynthia’s personal experiences in England here:

„During my exchange in England, I gained a lot of new and great experiences. With my host parents with whom I lived for a month, I also gained a British Mommy and a British Daddy who made this stay really special. I am glad to have met them and their family because they gave me the chance to be part of the English lifestyle and to receive new impressions. Another highlight was to witness the English workaday life and events at the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and talked to me a lot which helped me getting along easily. I am thankful I got the chance to go to England and I would recommend it to everyone at any time.“

We are pleased that Cynthia enjoyed her stay in England and that it brought her many positive experiences that she will always remember!