Omni-Channel Starter Kit for GS1 Member Organizations – The Launch

Omni-Channel Starter Kit for GS1 Member Organizations – The Launch

By | March 23rd, 2017

Digital Product Content is now as strategically important for any company as the product itself. It’s become key for brands and retailers to seamlessly connect all of their online and offline sales channels creating an “cross- commerce” shopping experience, requires clearing multiple hurdles before brands will find success. A cross-commerce shopping experience  is about the virtual world coming together with the physical world seamlessly so that the consumer or contractor’s experience is frictionless.

1WorldSync is excited to unveil an exclusive 3rd-party data study that interviewed 400 global retail brands & merchants to understand their multi-channel challenges and how they address them.“Charting Course for Global Commerce”,   reveals the challenges global organizations experience today and clearly demonstrates that one of the pain points in going Omni-Channel is Product Content.

Collecting and sharing product content as well as keeping product content up-to-date is crucial for a successful Omni-Channel approach. To support companies in driving their Cross-Commerce Strategy, 1WorldSync developed specific Omni-Channel Solutions.

Launch Omni-Channel Starter Kit for GS1 Member Organizations

During the Global Forum in Brussels 1WorldSync launched the Omni Channel Starter Kit for GS1 Member Organizations during an evening reception. It was obvious that we had the fingers on the pulse of time with a fully booked event and excited participants. We had GS1 Member Organizations from 17 counties, from 3 continents attending our session. It was so exciting to see that across borders Omni-Channel and related product content is one of the hottest business topics.

Content anywhere in any format at any time

In a nutshell the 1WorldSync Omni-Channel Starter Kit empowers GS1 Member Organizations to help their user communities to take control of distributed digital product information. They can benefit right away from proven technology and ready-to-go solutions. 1 to 1 discussions confirmed that companies in countries from all over the world are looking for solution to manage product content. We had so many interesting conversation during the Global Forum that proved it was the right time to launch our Omni Channel solutions to resellers.

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