Hardlines Unlimited – Prepared for Online Commerce

Hardlines Unlimited – Prepared for Online Commerce

By | November 20th, 2015

Online commerce is booming!  All this acceleration with online commerce presents a whole new IFH projection. According to calculations, the online trade in Germany, for example, will implement approximately 46 billion euros in 2015.

Furthermore, traders who use multiple sales channels (multi-channel), are perceived as more innovative, customer friendly and sympathetic as an authentic internet service provider. This demonstrates a cross channel study of Trading Consulting ECC Cologne and Hybris Software.

But how do I best prepare my products for Online Commerce?

First of all, a reliable data quality is essential. In particular, correct dimensions and weights, high resolution digital assets, clear danger symbols, as well as comprehensive requirements,  play an important role. Furthermore, a reliable single source of data is crucial. For this, you will need a central database in your company that captures, validates and distributes the product information from various areas in your company to your trading partners. Furthermore, we recommend the following three steps:

  1. Clarify content & understand process
    During our implementation workshop we bring you closer to the complex world of GDSN and validation rules. During our on-site workshop, an individual attribute analysis is carried out where we compare your attributes to the required GDSN attributes.
  2. Define IT Solution
    In the second step, the internal IT structure is illuminated and structured. Which systems are available? Which ERP system is currently used in your company? Is your current IT solution GDSN ready? Are you interested in a PIM solution (Product Information Management)? Our 1WorldSync Professional Services Team can assist you to clarify these questions and help you understand the implementation process.
  3. Implement process
    In the third step, you finally implement GDSN to your internal system. For this process, an attribute collection and a clear alignment between internal departments, such as marketing, purchasing and logistics, is required.
    The GDSN implementation is supported and documented in our XML schema, GDSN code lists, etc., which can be found in our download/solution center. Last but not least, incoming data errors were analysed to make sure you have correct data synchronization with your trading partners.

Wallpaper Rasch realized this implementation process. Mr. Schlingmann: Which internal requirements are needed to best prepare for a fast implementation process?

“First of all, the understanding of internal processes, presentable product information quality and a clear objective is essential. You need to know where product information in your company resides and where it is gathered within your organization. Furthermore, a good understanding of the GDSN standards and functionalities, modern interfaces and programming skills are a clear advantage to implement the GDSN choreography. But, most important is the need for a well established IT department with an experienced partner for both for 1WorldSync and internally for Wallpaper Rasch.”

Are you interested in preparing your Hardlines product information for Online Commerce?

We invite you to get a free consultation with a 1WorldSync expert and to discuss your individual situation. Our company has the tools, a wide range of expertise, professional services, industry partners and experience to best support you.

You can find further information and success stories on our global microsite. Feel free to contact us via hardlines@1worldsync.com.