Enable and Empower your Supply Chain!

Enable and Empower your Supply Chain!

By | July 23rd, 2014

Now, more than ever, global supply chains are under pressure to be agile and transparent, in the face of renewed consumer demand and the massive rise of Omni-channel commerce. In today’s digital world, your product information is one of your most valuable assets. Before your customers and trading partners ever see the physical product, they will have access to the digital information representing it. With the explosion of product information in the marketplace, the demand for quality, accurate product data has grown exponentially.

If you are a data publisher such as a manufacturer, supplier, brand owner or distributor you may be in need for a single distribution channel to standardize and disseminate product information and content; including digital assets to your entire global trading communities.

As for data recipients such as a retailer, distributor and operator: you may need a single, community-based product information hub, where you can retrieve and discover accurate, authentic, trusted product information across your global trading communities.

Businesses like yours struggle to prioritize deployment of expert resources, driven by the pace of market changes and consumer preference and best manage supply chain risk scenarios that threaten your business continuity, brand reputation and customer loyalty.

1WorldSync’s Supply Chain Enablement solutions are built for the aggregation, standardization and distribution of trusted product information within and across all of the trading partners in a high performance supply chain. From structured product data and information, to the controlled exchange of unstructured digital assets and documentation, our solutions are centered on key focus areas in handling global supply chain challenges and meeting consumer expectations.

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