The Digital Footprint

The Digital Footprint

By | July 31st, 2014

As a PIM Practice Lead in 1WorldSync’s Professional Services organization, I have over a decade of experience in supply chain technology. I’m a seasoned expert in data synchronization and advise clients regularly on GS1 Standards and GDSN, while leveraging 1WorldSync’s solutions and partners to meet the ever-growing product information demands of businesses. 

In other words…

I am a label reader… and not in the conventional, trying-to-count-my-calories-because-I-really-should-lose-10-pounds kind of way.  I actually stop to turn a product all the way around and am always amazed at the amount of information that’s wrapped around my favorite things – from my cereal, to my shampoo, to the Leukotape I use to wrap up my bum knee (an ACL tear is no fun!). There are hundreds of pieces of information that live on those labels, including: flavor, color, net content, cautions, and yes, even calories (which I do occasionally hone in on, I’ll admit).

You’d think all the information anyone could possibly need to have about the product is on there. But you would be wrong. This is where a “digital footprint” would come into play.

 The digital footprint of a product far exceeds the printed label and includes additional attributes such as product images and links, romance copy, and product reviews – just to name a few in the B2C world. Furthermore, regulatory compliance mandates, such as FDA’s Unique Device Identifier (UDI) rule for medical devices, or the recent European Food Information Regulation (commonly called EU-1169) for European food products, further extends that footprint. More than ever, manufacturers are being pressed to provide this information in order to sell their product, pushing data management strategies to the forefront of their organizations.

Today, we are sitting in the middle of the big data explosion that’s been stirring up the GDSN community. 1WorldSync is here to help you manage that product information flow, leveraging our Professional Services team to provide thought leadership and recommendations that enable the data management strategy you’ve been working on feverishly; as well as our suite of solutions, such as the 1WorldSync Data Accuracy Scorecard and our GDSN data pool capabilities. Our ecosystem also includes trusted partners to help push all the information that retail and regulatory compliance requires.

 So whether you’re selling cornflakes or chocolate, heart valves or hammers, 1WorldSync will help you get the plumbing laid down to push your information through the GDSN pipeline and beyond. We handle all that. And a bag of chips. (I’m not counting calories today.)