Data Quality Done Right

Data Quality Done Right

By | November 5th, 2018

In today’s world, data quality is not a nice to is a must-have!

For retailers and manufacturers, competing with trusted product content that your customers can rely on in the face of an ever-evolving e-commerce landscape is critical. Compelling product content sells your products both online and in-store, creates an unparalleled customer experience and guarantees brand loyalty.

Furthermore, the cost of bad content is shockingly high. In the face of critical deadlines, many individuals make corrections themselves but do not follow up with the content creator or owner. These content inaccuracies can continue to propagate, leading to lost sales, potential fines, and dissatisfied customers.

Begin Your Data Quality Journey With 1WorldSync

Enabling more than 25,000 global brands in 60+ countries, 1WorldSync understands that no matter where you conduct business, trusted content and data quality are essential. 1WorldSync has recognized the consequences of bad data and provides a remedy by working hand in hand with retailers and suppliers. Thus, under the name Data Quality Gate, DQG for short, there is a comprehensive mechanism for quality inspection at your fingertips.

A little bit of effort in data maintenance goes a long terms of fewer returns and higher security! We recommend the following best practices:

Smart Tools = Optimal Results

But what does data quality control mean in detail? In our web interface for data providers, this is ensured by various mechanisms when articles are created. Articles that have already been published are also checked again if they are brought up for processing (release). Insufficient quality is then highlighted with recommendations for action in the validation result.

Security: Rules & Comparisons

You can achieve optimal results via two independent checks.

  1. The data quality check checks your data against a comprehensive set of rules. These criteria were jointly defined between leading manufacturers and retailers in order to reduce additional costs.

  2. The anomaly service, on the other hand, compares your record against millions of similar items. If there are deviations (anomalies), you will be warned.

What can you do for perfect data quality?

As a 1WorldSync UI solution WS|Publishing user, you already have access to all of the above-mentioned validations. If you are currently only accessing the dealer portals, you can always contact our sales team at +49 221 93373 333 Option 2 or send us an e-mail at

The data quality rules will be updated on a quarterly basis. If you want to shine with perfect data quality, the regular data quality reports on your dashboard will help you. Of course, you can also validate individual articles separately. Any recommendations related to data quality are indicated by orange markers.