Data Aggregation – Land of 1,000 Islands

Data Aggregation – Land of 1,000 Islands

By | February 21st, 2019

In the beginning…there were islands. These were software islands that were formed due to various systems in various departments, capturing various product information elements, describing the same product in various places.

Indeed, the IT landscape is diverse which poses several challenges for companies and IT departments. While striving for the “Golden Record” (the holy grail of an organized comprehensive product content ecosystem) of the product from Supply Chain, to Marketing and complying regulatory requirements, companies need to aggregate existing data streams and unify them to one record to be shared with their business partners.

Islands can be connected by building bridges. What works in the geographical world, applies also to the IT landscape. Unifying bridges can address these challenges and lead to a single source of truth. Actually, there are various ways to reach this goal. Depending on the processes and various data sources, the solution can be as diverse as the IT landscape.

The picture below shows various data streams that need to be unified and enabled in order to comply with the requirements of Retail-, eCommerce- and Regulatory industries/sectors. Often, Opportunity-, Risk- and Operational data are maintained by various departments, leading to challenges in unifying data streams to address the “Golden Record”.

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Mapping: The Easy Way Out

Depending on the structure of a company, a full-blown PIM (Product Information Management) does not make sense as it requires a significant investment and changes in processes and infrastructure. Especially when only 2 or 3 data streams need to be unified, Data-Aggregation Mapping is the most efficient way forward.

Product information is automatically collected, unified online and validated to then be imported into the 1WorldSync solution. The Data Mapping solution addresses the most urgent needs of brand-owners to unify certain data streams – Fast – Validated – Cost Efficient!

Can data aggregation be easier for just a few data streams?

PIM: The Ticket To The “Golden Record”

A PIM (Product Information Management) is a highly sophisticated way to manage, aggregate and distribute data and information across departments and channels. It can improve data quality, increase conversion rates, reduce time to market and establish a predefined workflow for product introduction.

Indeed, enabling a PIM system may take more of an effort within an organization as it impacts processes and the general way in how data is handled, but the goal to enable a perfect workflow and define a “Golden Record” is worth a thought!

Identify Your Best Way Forward With 1WorldSync Experts

A specific assessment is advisable to define the next steps and identify the most efficient way forward. Whether it is a non-invasive mapping solution to unify data streams or a full-blown PIM solution, 1WorldSync accompanies all brand-owners and retailers to assess requirements and define next steps to overcome these challenges.

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