1WorldSync’s customers have the convenience of having a “One Stop Shop”…

1WorldSync’s customers have the convenience of having a “One Stop Shop”…

By | October 7th, 2014

Pam Hoock from Bunzl describes her experience with 1WorldSync’s Digital Asset Management capability

Supply Chains are evolving to address the pressing needs of the digital economy. Businesses must respond to the demand for the exchange of digital assets, from high quality images, eCommerce thumbnails, product safety documentations, video and other digital media.

1WorldSync offers a powerful digital asset management capability within its Product Information Cloud platform, which customers are currently taking advantage of.  Brianna Feeney, VP of Global Marketing at 1WorldSync discussed with Pam Hoock, Data Sync Administrator at Bunzl to get her experience on leveraging 1WorldSync’s Digital Asset Management capability.

 Q & A

1WorldSync: Why did Bunzl request to be enabled for the digital asset management capability offered by 1WorldSync?
Bunzl: There is more demand now than ever from our customers for images of items and we lacked the ability to store, manage and distribute images to support the ever increasing demand. 

1WorldSync:  What are the types of assets you are uploading and what will they be used for?
Bunzl:  Currently, we are only loading image information. They are used for Brand Identification and the customer likes to see what they are buying. In the future, we plan to add the Safety Data Sheets.

1WorldSync:  Did you already have the assets/images captured and required a tool to upload them?
Bunzl:  We did have the images but had no ability to store or upload them. The Digital Asset Management tool made the entire process easy and painless.

1WorldSync:  Why did you choose 1WorldSync digital asset management capability?
Bunzl:  We are already a 1WorldSync customer so the convenience of having a “one stop shop” and streamlined process was very appealing from both a cost and time savings perspective.

1WorldSync:  Once you worked with 1WorldSync to upload, manage, and store your images, where did you best see the benefit?
Bunzl:  We obviously saw the benefit in ease of use and cost avoidance for an internal image storage solution. In addition though, we have seen a definite increase in the amount of requests for publications with image information.

1WorldSync:  How quickly were you able to upload and share your assets?
Bunzl:  The results were immediate. And I love to see 100% synchronized!


1WorldSync customers like Pam Hoock from Bunzl are able to provide quality product images and other critical content, while reducing the cost of data exchange. 1WorldSync offers a complete end-to-end exchange solution for your large and complex trading communities to exchange rich, authentic complete product information.