1WorldSync Global Exchange Program

1WorldSync Global Exchange Program

By | October 21st, 2015

Each 1WorldSync employee has the opportunity to participate some time abroad in the 1WorldSync Global Employee Exchange Program. The main goal of this program is to expand knowledge and expertise across 1WorldSync, enable employees to understand existing culture and business acumen, enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency, and reinforce connectivity of all employees around the globe through the use of short-term work assignments of one to maximum six month duration.


Corinna Schüller, Global Human Resources Coordinator

Over the past six months, I was able to experience working  both in our Lawrenceville, NJ and our Chicago, IL offices. This was an eye-opening experience on many levels and I am glad, I was asked to share a little more about it.

Spending time abroad is always an amazing opportunity to expand one´s personal horizon. Being abroad for a longer period of time of course is connected to some challenges but mostly exciting impressions.

On a professional level, the past six months were both rewarding and educational: I knew the Cologne office and my colleagues well and even though I also had met with a few of our American colleagues previously, I still didn’t entirely know what to expect. When the trip finally started, a lot of questions were running through my head. What would the atmosphere in the other offices be like? Would the different culture have an impact on my working experience? What would the team, working overseas, be like?

Turns out, differences aren’t as big as what we might expect.

I really enjoyed getting to know my colleagues in the US over the past months. Each day was a living proof that all 1WorldSync employees form one global team and professionals at all offices work in close collaboration. They show the same dedication and commitment and have identical goals that they are trying to achieve for our organization. A strong feeling of togetherness connects us, even if we are located on opposite sides of the world. This community makes working at 1WorldSync so special. I am also convinced this is one of the many reasons for our organization’s success.

Moreover, I perceived the atmosphere as open and outstandingly friendly in both New Jersey and Chicago, which reminded me a lot of the Cologne office. I really appreciate my colleagues’ interest in German traditions and history. Also, I was taught a lot about the US and its history; therefor this cultural exchange was extremely interesting.

Furthermore, I thought it was very exciting to witness people’s reactions when our Corporate Health Programme, called 1WorldSync In Motion Fitbit Program, was launched. Colleagues at all locations were thrilled and registered for it right away. I was very pleased with the feedback many of you provided. Many colleagues mentioned that they noticed the positive impact this global programme has on our team spirit. I hope that there will be more future opportunities which will enable us to have even more internal exchange, which doesn’t even always has to be work related.

I am glad I will be able to continue working with all of you in the future and I am very grateful for the positive experiences I engaged over the past year in our organization.