The Evolution of 1WorldSync

The 1WorldSync story is one of innovation, integration and synchronization.

In today’s connected commerce world, accurate product information is expected throughout the supply chain and at virtually every touch point of the customer journey. In response to the evolution of product information over the past two decades, 1WorldSync continues to innovate and organize our solutions, to bring an aligned vision and strategy to our customers and prospects.

1WorldSync continues to be the global leader in product information solutions. The history of our journey is built on the development of our relationships with thousands of the most powerful brands in the world. Our customers are our most valuable asset. 1WorldSync is the premier global network for trusted product information, used by 13,000+ brands, digital content providers and their trading communities.

1WorldSync has a legacy deep in the GS1 system of standards. GS1 Standards set processes and standards across multiple industries, in an effort to reduce the cost of sharing and exchanging information and products for trading partners. What started as barcodes in the 1970’s has evolved to comprehensive industry standards, schemas and processes and protocols including the Global Data Synchronization Network(GDSN) and GS1 Global Registry.

1WorldSync maintains its commitment to standards-based solutions, while evolving our solutions portfolio for the needs of the industries we serve and our customers.




As the data synchronization industry matured through many mergers, 1WorldSync became the unequivocal industry leader of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) with the 2012 merger of the largest data pool providers 1SYNC and SA2 WorldSync. Formerly 2 data pools with different market segments, the merger unified solutions for supply chain inefficiencies, exchanging logistical product information in a one-to-many data distribution format.

With a focus on solutions, we clarified our strategy and our vision. The essence of 1WorldSync is that we are the original source of trusted product information. Our new activities are not a departure from that essence, but rather a “layering.” We strive to validate our customers’ trust in us to manage their digital content in addition to satisfying retailer mandates and industry regulations. To remain competitive, we must provide our customers with solutions that continue to grow global cross-channel sales, drive efficient global content syndication and enable global compliance and product transparency.

Because of us, the world can be a healthier, safer and more financially conscious place. We can feel proud of being a part of this movement. The future of 1WorldSync will be determined by our ability to work together and empower our customers with trusted content so that consumers can make informed decisions regarding purchases, health and well-being.