Transparency & Compliance

In a world of regulatory compliance and the socially conscious consumer, there has never been a more important time to address transparency and compliance. Yet, many businesses are not organized to address this ever evolving compliance environment in a holistic manner – creating multiple costly and complex point solutions that deal with many different product compliance initiatives.

Multiple Categories of Transparency & Compliance Information

  • Product Health & Safety (e.g. RoHs, MSDS)
  • Food & Nutrition (SmartLabel, EU1169 & Food Safety)
  • Product Traceability (UDI Device Traceability)
  • Product Sustainability & Social Responsibility
  • Security and Counter Terrorism
  • Packaging reduction and risk management

As the leading product information network, 1WorldSync offers a comprehensive solution for addressing transparent and compliant product information across your supply chain.

1WorldSync’s Transparency & Compliance solution helps global businesses to simplify and manage the process of exchanging and managing product  information, certificates and documentation, across trading partner communities around the world.


For Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors

1WorldSync offers an opportunity to author, validate, store and distribute product information to your entire trading community, via a single information pipe and cloud-based service.

For Retailers, Distributors and Operators

Facing unprecedented demands for accurate, robust and legally compliant product information from consumers, regulators are working to ensure safety and your own operational needs for enhanced efficiency and profitability.