Supply Chain Enablement

1WorldSync’s Supply Chain Enablement solutions enable sales, supply chain, B2B and IT service teams to setup and exchange quality product information with trading partners, via a single global connection.

Now, more than ever, global supply chains are under pressure to be agile and transparent, in the face of renewed consumer demand, and the massive rise of omni-channel commerce . Businesses struggle to prioritize their deployment of expert resources, driven by the pace of market changes, and consumer preference.

In parallel, businesses are also faced with existing and emerging supply chain risk scenarios that threaten business continuity, brand reputation and customer loyalty like never before.

As part of the GS1 family of businesses, we accelerate and foster the implementation of the latest standards and local business requirements, across our customer communities. The application of such standards has led to substantial, direct cost savings through elimination of data errors, reduction of out-of-stock items, acceleration of product logistics, and support for the efficiencies of collaborative commerce.


For Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors

1WorldSync offers a multi-enterprise distribution hub for a product to standardize and disseminate product data and content to their entire global trading communities.

For Retailers, Distributors and Operators

1WorldSync offers a single, community-based product information hub for recipients to setup and maintain product items across their global trading communities.

Our product information network was built for the aggregation, standardization and distribution of trusted product information within and across all of the trading partners in a high performance supply chain. To learn more on our Supply Chain Enablement Solution, Click Here.