Partner Community

Partner Community

1WorldSync relies on an ecosystem of partners to deliver proven, tested, and certified solutions to support our customers as they move toward successful product data management. Through our partner network, we are able to extend our capabilities and global reach, providing more value for our customers.

Channel Partners and Solution Partners remain key strategic partners for 1WorldSync. Our technology enables the spread of GS1 standards in a broad way across new ecosystems of companies, such as e-commerce and technology platforms. It will also help the standards evolve at a much more rapid pace, as required by the digital space.

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Global Premier Solution Partner

Joint customer engagements globally across various industries.


Premier Solution Partner

Joint regional customer engagements across various industries.

Solution Partner

Joint customer engagements with regional and industry specialization.

Sales Agent Partner

Help 1WorldSync grow by selling 1WorldSync solutions and services in a specific region.

Lead Referral Partner

Pure referral recommending solutions and services.

Certified Software Solution

Solution has been certified on at least one of 1WorldSync’s data pool solutions.