Omni-Channel Commerce

In today’s digital world, more and more consumers rely on e-commerce sites or internet applications to search for products, access product information, and make purchases. The way you inform, educate and engage customers and consumers using product information must be comprehensive, trustworthy and current.

Omni-Channel is about engaging consumers via a 360 degree shopping experience, exploiting every channel available, and presenting a consistent experience and branding approach throughout. Businesses that do not embrace omni-channel retail are at a risk to lose market share and impact sales.

1WorldSync’s Omni-Channel Commerce solution delivers rich and trusted product content, including digital assets and insights – to engage customers and consumers –regardless of location or medium.


For Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors

1WorldSync offers a distribution network to standardize and disseminate content to the entire global trading community including mobile application providers and online marketers via a single cloud-based service.

For Retailers, Distributors and Operators, Application Developer

1WorldSync offers a community based product information hub to setup, enrich and maintain standards based product data with the global trading community – using a GDSN® based foundation, and/or a real-time product content repository.

Our global product information network was built to enable commerce, including the multi-enterprise exchange of GS1 GDSN® standards compliant data. 1WorldSync Omni-Channel Commerce solution enables marketing, eCommerce, agencies & mobile application providers to drive revenue – using trusted product information, images and assets, from original owners.

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